6 Week Challenge Winner

Over the past 3 and half years of running my bootcamp in Vaughan, I have seen a lot of people change their weight, gain solid muscle and become a healthier, more confident individual.  But sometimes I forget how far someone has come in a short amount of time.

Here is a testimonial I received from a client yesterday.

“I have known Albert for many years and knew of his bootcamp but kept finding excuses not to attend.  I was always an active person butmatt over the last few years this has decreased due to work and social commitments and after a while I could really feel and see the toll it was having on me.  I was overweight, my clothes did not fit anymore and my energy level was extremely low.  I am the type of person that needs a structured exercise environment with set times and someone to guide and push me.  As a result, in October 2013 I decided enough was enough and told Albert I was joining.  It was not easy, but I followed the meal plan and did not miss a class and in the 6 week program I lost 14 lbs and 3” off my waist.  Albert’s telephone and email coaching was worth its weight in gold, especially when I was in the supermarket finding alternate choices for foods!  After the 6 week program, it became part of my routine so I signed up for a full year and have not missed a class!  At 6 months I was down 24 lbs, 5% body fat and 5” from my waist.  At that point, I had lost enough weight and I wanted to focus on building muscle, so he customized my bootcamp program towards muscle building rather then weight loss and I can really see the results.

I like the fact that every class has different exercises and challenges which is perfect for me.  Albert is great and pushes everyone at their own level.   If you follow the meal plan and give it your all, I see no reason why it won’t work for anyone the way it did for me.  I was one of the worst people when it came to making excuses NOT to go to bootcamp, so if I could make this transformation with Albert’s help, anybody can.”

Matthew Ruscica, Pickering, Ont.

While Matt lost 23 lbs of fat, 5% body fat and 5 inches from his waist, I could not be more content that the classes were working for him.

It all started with a single step…and that step was for him joining my 6 week body transformation program.

Way to go, Matt!!!

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