6 Week Transformation Program

Who Else Wants To Transform Their Body From Fat And Flabby to Sleek And Sexy in Just 6 Short Weeks?

Well If You Said “Yes”, Then Here’s Your Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Get On Board.

(Introducing: The 6 Week Transformation Program) 

Dear Friend,

My name is Albert and I’m so excited to help you get the body you really want… Not later, not someday, but NOW.

Let’s face it, we all want a quick solution to lose weight and have a sexy toned body… Who doesn’t?

… And while there is no quick fix (I don’t care what the infomercials claim) I did go to the drawing board and crafted this Transformation Program that’s right up your alley – if you want fast results.

Just imagine easily slipping back into your favorite “skinny jeans” or wearing a sexy outfit with total confidence, that will make your friends envy with jealousy.

Or stepping out of your shower and starting your day looking in the mirror knowing that you’re finally getting BETTER and closer to your goal instead of worse.

And that’s EXACTLY why I created The 6 Week Body Transformation Program. 

I mean ANYONE can do it for 6 weeks… Right?

Here are just a few clients who saw amazing results with my program

 “I used to go to the gym 5 to 6 times a week and then I fell into a rut and couldn’t get motivated to work out.  I’ve been doing bootcamp for 6 weeks now and lost a total of 12lbs, 2% bodyfat, 3 inches from my waist.  I didnt think i would be able to do any of the workouts but within the first 3 weeks,  I found that I already saw some results. I had more energy, I felt stronger and my stomach was starting to flatten up.  I still have more work to do but the great thing about bootcamp is the classes are fun, my clothes fit much better.  Bootcamp may sound like an extreme athletes workout but they aren’t.   The classes are designed for every fitness level and you work to your own pace.   The most important thing to remember is to commit and stick to the meal plan!  Its just that simple!”

Enrico, Woodbridge, Ont.

“I did boot camp with Albert for 2 months. He was recommended to me by a friend.  I am a dancer and have been dancing all my life.  My work out routine was very simple, dance class and a yoga class here or there; but in a cardiovascular sense, my body could not endure very much. Albert’s boot camp was something so different than anything I had ever done before.  After the 2 months, I wanted to be able to look at my body and see defined muscles, I wanted to tone and strengthen and push my body to the limits.  Within 2 weeks of this boot camp I saw results.  I noticed my arms and abs shaping up and in my last month, I noticed my legs were stronger and I was able to run longer distances. People were making comments on my body and  noticed my long and leaner muscles  With these quick results, came a confidence with myself and my body that I never had before.  I would recommend Albert’s boot camp to anyone.  You are guaranteed to see results if you are willing to work hard and have fun.”

Lara, Woodbridge, Ont.

“I joined bootcamp in July when my baby was only 3 months old.  Before I started with Albert, I was exhausted and my body felt tired and stiff.  My back was always sore and stiff and I felt I had no strength in my body.  Once I started, I felt like I had more energy and my body was going back to my pre-baby shape.  I love going to bootcamp because Albert makes every session fun and different.  It’s my time and it’s well spent!  Thanks Albert!”

 Monica, Maple, Ont.

“I have lost 10 lbs, dropped 3% body fat and gained lean muscle.  All of these results while working shift work.  Before bootcamp, I did have a gym membership before and used to go a few times a week and I was paying a ridiculous amount for a personal trainer.  Once the session were used up, I lost the motivation.  I’m not one that enjoys working out by myself.  Since starting bootcamp, I’ve found it easier to keep motivated with the support of the other bootcampers.  The classes are fun, but challenging as well.  Also the nutritional guide Albert provides is really helpful.  I definitely recommed Albert’s bootcamp for anyone looking for a good way to get fit and stay in shape.”

Stephanie, Richmond Hill, Ont.

“I have been doing bootcamp for about a few months now. Before bootcamp, I wasn’t seeing the results for someone that was always active.  However, I have dropped about 15 pounds and gained more muscle mass since going to boot camp. I have noticed that I have more upper body strength and endurance. Before, I was only able to do 10 burpees and would be exhausted and wiped out afterwards, but now I can do more than 20 burpees and still manage to complete the rest of the circuit routine with alot more energy.  I enjoy coming to bootcamp because it’s fun, challenging and not repetitive. I would definitely recommend Albert’s bootcamp to anyone looking to lose weight, look and feel amazing.”

Nazy Foroughi, Woodbridge, Ont.

Check out my bootcamp page for more member testimonials and to see a video of my bootcamp in action.

The 6 Week Body Transformation  Program Includes:

6 weeks  of Unlimited Fat Blasting Redesigned Bootcamp Workouts PLUS 6 Weeks Worth of  Meal Plans to Follow For Optimal Results

  My Bootcamp Success Manual Filled with Tips, Recipes, Workouts, and more

  Before and After Pictures

  A Complete Body Assessment

  Unlimited Email and Phone Coaching

  Tons of Support and Positive Energy

  Goal Setting and Much More

Plus, to sweeten the pot a little more, I am giving away the winner with the best body transformation 2 FREE months of Bootcamp (value  $220) (prize is dependent on number of clients enrolled)

This program is specially crafted to produce FAST and LASTING results and it works like crazy…period.  A program like this can easily go for $599 and would be well worth it.

However for a limited time, I am offering to totally transform your body in just 6 short weeks for only $599 190. (Price going up soon)

And as long as you follow the program and the nutritional recommendations, your body WILL BE TOTALLY TRANSFORMED in 6 weeks…GUARANTEED.

In fact, I am so positive that you will be completely satisfied with your new body that I back up everything I say with my 100% “Get the body you want or don’t pay a dime” guarantee.

So, if you’re ready to fit back into your skinny jeans and want to firm and tone your body and make your friends envious of your new look, then make sure to register for The 6 Week Body Transformation Program.

Here’s how to register…

Just call me at  416.629.4573  and let me know that you want in on the  Transformation Program and I’ll get you all dialed and ready to go… Or if you prefer, simply email me at albert@ciminofitness.ca

So let’s go… Call 416.629.4573       

and take your first steps to your new body now.

The Program will take place at the following location:

1) 1701 Creditstone Road (Jane and Rutherford)

Tuesday – 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm

Thursday – 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm

Saturday – 9 am, 10 am

Classes are 45 minutes in duration

Looking forward to seeing you there!  

P.S. Like I said, I’m only taking on a limited number of new participants to ensure that everyone gets the amazing results we talked about above and I’m sure it will fill up quickly.

So, make absolutely sure you do the RIGHT thing and make the right choice NOW (rather than put off, gain a few more pounds, more inches and get farther away from your goal)

Yours In Fitness, Health & Wellness



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