Is Milk Really That Good For Us?

Did you know that we are the only species on this planet to drink another species milk?

The Dairy Association has done a wonderful job in brainwashing us into believing that we NEED milk.  It states it provides our body with calcium, protein, carbohydrates and all the necessary vitamins and minerals.  You can get all those nutritional requirements from other food sources.  The thing about milk is that it has been pasturized and homogenized.

Pasterization refers to heating the milk up to kill all the harmful bacteria.  Now when you heat milk up to very high temperatures, you also kill the natural enzymes found in the milk, mainly lactase to digest the sugar lactose.  Now when these are destroyed, it makes it difficult for our body to digest the milk.

Homogenization refers to passing milk though a very tiny screen and very high pressure.  Dont get me wrong.  Milk can be very good for you, if its not pasturized.  However, raw milk in Canada is illegal unless you own a cow and you milk it yourself.  There are dozens of studies showing the benefits of consuming raw milk.  Read below for some startling milk facts.

  • Half the world don’t drink milk and still have healthy babies and bones.
  • Seven out of ten people don’t have the enzyme to digest milk and get digestive problems as a result. By age 2, most of us lose the enzyme lactase.
  • It’s an allergy-provoking food, linked to asthma, ear, sinus and throat infections.

GIVE THIS A TRY – if you are a regular milk conossouer, stop drinking milk for one week. Then after a week, have a glass or two.  I am almost certain you will feel some level of gas, bloating and discomfort.

Try these healthier milk alternatives – soy milk, rice milk and my favourite, almond milk (purchase the unsweetened one).

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