Spotlight Sunday…Alina Chernin

I first met Alina when she came in from a daily discount site.  What I noticed first was her work ethic and how much she pushed herself each class.  To this day, she continues with the same determination and hardwork.  And it has paid off…Big Time!  Read below for her story.

“This was the one group discount site promotion that I would call life-changing! My first encounter with Albert of Cimino Fitness was through a Living Deal promotion I received about 8 months ago. I was expecting my second child at the time and knew that as soon as I felt like I was ready, I would start exercising to get back in shape after pregnancy.

I had my daughter in July 2011 and it wasn’t until November that I finally felt like I was able to start a more intense workout program, after having worked out at home at my own pace. I finally called the number on my Living Deal voucher and spoke to Albert about attending my first Boot Camp class. And I never looked back – it has been one of the best workout experiences I’ve had. Being a mom of two young children, it was important for me to find a workout program that I could actually stick to – short and effective. Albert’s Boot Camp classes meet those criteria – a 45-minute workout three days a week is exactly what I needed to start seeing the results that I wanted. In about three months I have lost almost 20 pounds and most importantly, have gained my energy, confidence and endurance back. I am happier about the way I look, I am happier for my children and have more energy to play with them, and I am a happier person in general.

When I saw the great results that I was accomplishing, I have recommended it to a few of my close friends, who are also young moms trying to lose pregnancy weight. A few of them have joined the Boot Camp club and are as thrilled with the classes and the results they are seeing. The workouts are very demanding and quite intense, but the sense of accomplishment I feel after completing each one is well worth the hard work. What’s even more important than the results I see on the scale, is the fact that this workout made me addicted to physical activity in general and made me realize that it has to be a part of my daily routine. Weight loss shouldn’t be a temporary thing – the changes I made in my diet and the Boot Camp workouts have really become my new lifestyle.

What I really enjoy about Albert’s Boot Camp classes is the great coaching and motivation he and his fellow instructor Jason provide. They sincerely care about their Boot Camp participants and try to make it a fun and positive experience every time we are there. The music, the workout routines that constantly change and the instructors’ encouraging nature is exactly what we need to keep going on our way to our weight loss goals and a healthier life. If you are still not sure whether this program is for you, just come and see for yourself – you would not regret it!”

Alina Chernin

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