Spotlight Sunday…Anna & Sergio Rea

I met Sergio and Anna a little over a year ago.  They both came in with some health issues and were concerned about their health becoming progressively worse.  They made a commitment to come to bootcamp 3 days a week and they have stuck to their promise.  If I can describe Sergio and Anna in one word, it would be DEDICATION!  I have never seen someone sweat as much as Sergio does and even with ongoing shoulder problems, Anna puts in 110% into each exercise we do.  They are both committed to seeing results and from their story below, they have seen HUGE improvements.  Heres their story…

“Right from the start, Albert impressed us with his efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for.

Prior to becoming a member with Albert, we had done long distance walks together with cardio workouts at home.  We had gym memberships, and like most people, attended occasionally.  There was no consistency as there was no motivation.   At the age of 50, our health issues were progressively heading worse than better.  We were advised by our doctor that we needed to change our lifestyle and to increase our daily activity, on a more consistent basis, before our health issues got to a point of no return.  This was a gamble we were not willing to endure.  We have experienced first-hand from our family member’s travesty precisely what may possibly transpire if we did not seize the professional recommendation by our doctor, and so we did just that…..

Through the recommendations of friends, who were already long time members, we decided to attend Albert’s classes and have now been members with Albert for the past year.

Albert has helped us define what we essentially required to obtain the immense results we were looking for, as we found we were in no way capable of executing these results on our own.  Respectively, our diabetes and cholesterol levels are 1% away from being at normal levels.  High Blood Pressure concerns are under control and knee and foot issues have gone.  Our stamina and energy levels to complete the 45 minute strong workouts three times a week, which is now part of our life style routine, are amazing.  With Albert and Jason’s coaching and motivation to encourage us during the challenging classes to our limits, we find ourselves becoming stronger every day.  We can keep up with the workout routines that continuously change from class to class and sometimes outshine some of the younger members in the class, which is a great accomplishment, we believe at our age…..

With his professional ability to motivate you with his personal attention and with his exceptional knowledge, Albert has exceeded our expectations that regardless of age, health issues and disabilities, anyone can get their life back to a healthy one.

We are positive that you will establish your goals.  With the highest confidence we can highly recommend Albert’s boot camp classes as your means of reaching your goals to lose weight and/or just to get healthy, whatever the case maybe.”

Anna and Sergio Rea

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One Response to Spotlight Sunday…Anna & Sergio Rea

  1. Angie Strlic September 21, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    I have known Anna and Sergio for some time. I had not seen them for a few years and just recently ran into them. I was truly amazed at how wonderful the two of them looked….
    healthier and much younger. Keep up the good work as I am certain you will both enjoy and long and healthy life together.

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