Why cereal bars don’t make for a good breakfast

If you’re looking to firm up and shed fat fast, it’s important that you stop and consider the foods that you’re eating on a daily basis.

What you put into your body each day is going to have a massive influence on how you look in the long-run and those who choose the most nutritious and low calorie foods are going to find that they experience the fastest rate of fat loss.

The breakfast meal is one that’s especially important because this is going to set you up to feel your best all day long.

One common breakfast choice that many people find themselves grabbing on the run is a cereal or energy bar.  Sadly, this is one of the worst diet moves you could make.  Let’s take a quick peak at why you should say no to that cereal bar and what a better option would be.

They’re Low In Protein

The very first reason why you should say so long to starting your day off with a cereal bar is because they’re incredibly low in protein.  If you look at the nutritional information on the box of your favorite cereal bar, you’ll find that it likely has just 1-2 grams of protein – some even less.  Protein is needed to release the hormone glucagon, which is the opposite of insulin (a fat storage hormone).  Protein is thermogenic, meaning your will body will use calories trying to digest it.  Also, protein will keep you fuller, longer.

They Contain Refined Carbs

The second reason why cereal bars aren’t your wisest decision for first thing in the morning is because they also contain a high amount of refined carbs, which are going to send your blood sugar levels soaring, only to plummet, leaving you feeling hungry, irritable, and like you need more carbs.  Refined carbs are the primary thing you want to stay away from and these cereal bars are almost 100% refined carbs.

They Don’t Provide Sufficient Fiber

Finally, the last reason to give cereal bars the boot is because they don’t contain enough fiber either.  If you want fiber, go with bran cereal or a piece of fruit.  That will pack in at least three grams of fiber compared to the measly 1-2 that most cereal bars will offer you.  Just like protein, fiber will keep satiated for a longer time.

So next time you’re headed out the door and about to grab a cereal bar, think twice.  A far better option would be mixing together a quarter cup of oats, a half scoop of protein powder, and a tablespoon of almond butter to form your own home-made bar that has just 250 calories and will offer you a healthy mix of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats.

Other healthy suggestions would be a vegetarian omelete, greek yogurt with fruit or a green smoothie.  If you still want to have a cereal bar, consider Lara bars, as they are extremely healthy and have a few ingredients at  most.

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